There is always the opportunity to negotiate with planners; Offering different types, mixes and quantities of affordable housing and/or switched payments to create both the greatest benefit for you and satisfy the LPA. If an LPA refuses to negotiate, you can still accept the best agreement available under Section 106 and file a new application at a later date and, if necessary, appeal. When a developer in Cornwall obtains planning permission, they often have to sell affordable housing. You can provide homes yourself as discounted homes. This scheme is called Section 106 of the discount market sale. An S73 application is generally supported by a few slightly varied plans and an S106-Viability ratio. The application is paid for, but offers an inexpensive way to replace existing S106 or UU agreements. An S73 planning application, after authorization, establishes a new building permit next to your existing agreement and a new S106 agreement or amendment s. In this process, it is a matter of replacing one obligation with another, not by appeal. Your existing S106 agreement may contain words that extend the agreement to future S73 applications. In these circumstances, we recommend a new planning application as the only realistic route, as LPAs are often very reluctant to release existing commitments.

The other scenario is to reapply for a new planning application for an identical development already authorized, but with another S106 or UU agreement. A new building permit necessarily requires a new S106 or UU agreement that replaces the existing agreement. There is no planning fee to pay if the new application is submitted within 12 months of the last decision to approve the plan. A structure application can be a cost-effective alternative to a detailed application. Before doing so, you must consider other changes that may have been made to the Planning Directive. For example, the LIL could be introduced or a new affordable housing policy was put in place. Buying and selling homes can be stressful and selling each home can take some time. However, most section 106 agreements contain a process called “cascading” that can help you find a buyer. Before you start the cascading process, be sure to do everything in your power to promote your property. If you talk to your realtor for advice, you can suggest; declutter the house, decorate, tidy, reduce price issues. You can choose to change your real estate agent.

You have to tell us what was done to market your house. Each lender has a different perspective on what functions they will or will not accept, so it is always worth consulting an expert with knowledge of the lender`s policies. For more information, visit our non-standard property section.